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I have had the pleasure of knowing Paulette Ellison for almost three years. I met her when she was the nanny for my twin granddaughters. I found Paulette to be extraordinary in her methods as a disciplinarian and the nurturing of my grandchildren. She not only was their nanny she was also their guidance and support. She was very devoted to their needs. My grandchildren have listened and learned from her loving guidance. I am very happy to know Paulette. She is a strong woman of faith and humility. Although I do not see here often we do stay close in touch.


Jean Lane

I have known Ms. Paulette for the past 10 years. She is a bright, wonderful, punctual, professional and intelligent person. She is one of the role models who create, demonstrate and care for others with all of her kindness. She is very trustworthy and honesty in her career and life. She is a super woman who can be a full-time mom and full-time at work. She is reliable a person. Being a great person and loving what she does can lead to other happiness. I would recommend Paulette to all families who can trust her to do their business. Children are parents’ whole world and she is the one who can make this whole world bright and shine from what she does.



I have known Paulette Ellison for almost 15 years. She looked after our children for much of this time from birth to grade school! She took tremendous pride in this work and found joy in seeing the positive impact she had on our children. She was genuinely interested in each of them – always finding new things to do, ways of learning/motivating them that captured their attention. She created individual bonds and cared for my children like her own.

Speaking of her own children, they are now fully grown and in college – one of them received a scholarship to Virginia Tech! I bring this up because when I was going to hire Paulette, she brought her children over with her to meet me. It seemed odd at first, but then I saw how well mannered, respectful and polite they were (and still are). Honestly, perhaps the best behaved children I’ve ever encountered. It told me a lot about her without her having to tell me. I am grateful to Paulette for the love, kindness and friendship she brought to my kids (and me) as well as providing the order and accountability we so desperately needed with 5 kids under the age of 5 in the house with two parents working. I am also grateful for the rules, respect and manners she instilled/expected (and received) from them.

Paulette has great patience and a way with children that is admirable. I learned things from her. At the same time, she learned things from me. I had routines or things I wanted done a certain way. She not only accommodated these, but often we would laugh later on over things like how great it was to have that predictable nap time to work around! We were always on the same page and both wanted what was best for the kids. She was accommodating and flexible and also made suggestions/recommendations specifically tailored to each child. I liked how she could easily see and understand differences in the kids -how just because one toddler loved doing a specific activity, doesn’t mean the others would necessarily love it too. She was always great at finding what made each kid tick and thriving during their time together.

I could go on and on. She’s the best.

JP DeCesare